MId-Florida Gastroenterology Consultants, LLC specializes in the treatment of GERD, also known as acid reflux or heartburn, stomach problems, colon and digestive disorders to include colon cancer screening., Ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease, and the disease of the liver, hepatitis, gallbladder and pancreas. We perform GI procedures to include EGD, Colonoscopy, Capsule Enteroscopy and Endoscopic Retrograde Cholamgiopancreatography (ERCP), painless procedure  (CRH-O'Regan System) to eliminate hemorrhoids and our New Orbera Weight loss Balloon.  We are located in Ocoee, FL, just inside Health Central Hospital. 

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dr. m. reza mastali, m.d.

Dr. M. Reza Mastali earned his undergraduate degree from the University of North Texas in Biology. He received his doctor of medicine degree as well as an internship from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, TX. He fulfilled his residency in internal medicine at the University Of Hawaii John A. Burns School Of Medicine and attained a fellowship in gastroenterology at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, TX.

ashley fagan, arnp-c

Ashley first obtained her Bachelors in Science of Nursing degree at Jacksonville University and practiced as Registered Nurse. She then earned her Masters degree from Simmons University. She is a certified Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner and has chosen to focus on gastrointestinal health.



No more ointments, creams or suppositories. With onset occurring after the age of 30, hemorrhoids affect more than half the population at some point in their lives.

Unlike other techniques that use a metal clamp to grasp the hemorrhoid during banding, we use a smaller, gentler, single use and disposable suction device to minimize discomfort and complications.

The CRH O'Regan System is a simple painless and highly effective procedure (99.1%) that can be preformed in less than a minute. How simple?  Dr Mastali will place a tiny rubber band around the internal hemorrhoid to cut of its bloody supply. The hemorrhoid then shrinks and falls off within a day or so, usually without you noticing and that's it. Once the hemorrhoid is gone, so are your symptoms. The CRH O'Regan System is the only hemorrhoid removal treatment that requires no pain medication and virtually no recovery time. In fact, many of our patients with office jobs return to work following the appointment. Other rest at                                                                                                                             home afterwards and resume normal activities the next day.

                               Hemorrhoid Classification:

           Grade 1- Hemorrhoid bleeds but doesn't prolapse outside of the anal canal

           Grade 2- Prolapses, usually with defecation, but retracts spontaneously

           Grade 3- Requires manual reduction into the anal canal after prolapsing

           Grade 4 Prolapsing tissue cannot be manually replaced and may be strangulated or thrombosed.



An FDA approved NON-SURGICAL weight loss option. Orbera gastric balloon has been available in other countries for many years and is now FDA approved to be used in the USA as a safe option for patients who qualify.

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*Comprehensive two-part program design to provide effective , motivating results that you can see. With ORBERA patients on average lose 3.1 times the weight they would with diet and exercise along.

*Starts with a soft balloon placed in your stomach for six months to reinforce proper portion control.

* The ORBERA balloon takes up space in your stomach to help you eat smaller meals.




*The weight loss is rapid with the majority of weight loss typically occurring in the first three months of treatment.

* On average patients lost 3.1 times the weight loss of diet and exercise alone. 

* The adjustments to your eating habits and your continued efforts to stay active will greatly influence your results. 




*Must be an adult

*Must have a BMI between 30-40

*Have tried diet and exercise

*No previous gastric surgeries

ORBERA advantage

*After six months with the ORBERA two part program, people lost 3.1x the weight patients lost with diet and exercise alone.

*Proven to keep the weight off even after the balloon is removed

*A more than 20 year history of helping thousands of people lose weight

*More than 220,00 ORBERA balloons have been distributed worldwide in over 80 countries.

*With the FDA approval of ORBERA patients now have a safe and effective treatment option.


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